Adjustable Sun Glasses Regulate Light (Sep, 1940)

Adjustable Sun Glasses Regulate Light

Sun glasses recently introduced can be adjusted by the wearer to admit more or less light, according to the brightness of the sun and its reflected glare. The sun spectacles utilize special light-polarizing glass (P.S.M., April ’36, p. 20). Each eye of the wearer looks out through two special lenses. The lens nearest the eye is stationary, while the front lens can be rotated by pushing a small button on the bridge of the spectacle frame. When the button is moved to the extreme left, the maximum amount of light reaches the eyes, but as it is pushed back toward the right, light penetrating the lenses is cut down until they are so dark that the brightest possible beach scene may be viewed without discomfort. Special louvered plastic side shields block out annoying reflections.

  1. jayessell says: November 13, 200711:31 am

    Charley, wasn’t there an electronic version of this that used liquid crystals or something to darken lenses?

    Maybe a much later issue of Popular Science?

  2. Charlie says: November 13, 200712:02 pm

    I’m not sure. I don’t remember posting that…

  3. Mike Brisendine says: November 15, 20075:50 am

    The woman in this article looks like Dr. Strangeloves sister.

  4. Leroy Jenkins says: March 16, 20082:19 am

    How you doin’?

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