Africa Hunter Brings ‘Em Home on Motorcycle (May, 1929)

Africa Hunter Brings ‘Em Home on Motorcycle

A MACHINE that can outrun beasts of the jungle is adding a new thrill to big game hunting in Africa. Donald Ker, an Englishman living at Gilku, in Northern Nigeria, recently introduced the motorcycle as a mount for his hunting trips in the Sudan. Already he has bagged seven leopards by use of his speedy machine. Each time, after the big jungle cat was shot, he lifted it across the handlebars of his motorcycle and drove it in to Gilku.

The motorcycle can follow paths and trails that would be impassable for an automobile, Ker explains, so it is an ideal mount for African hunters who need a combination of speed and the ability to get off the traveled roads. By invading the jungles with his motorcycle, Ker has been able to cut traveling time considerably and get away on week-end hunting trips.

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