Age Your Beverage 5 YEARS IN 10 DAYS (Feb, 1932)

This scares me. Didn’t people used to add anti-freeze to wine to make it taste better? I wonder what this crap was made of.

Age Your Beverage 5 YEARS IN 10 DAYS
with AD-AGE [Not an Extract]

GENUINE “Aged in the Wood” flavor. Perfect color and mellow taste. Ad-Age is a specially prepared compound containing seven different kinds of plant substances. Great help to home beverage makers. $1.50 can, enough for 4 gallons. Special price 85c P. P. Big Catalog FREE of home bottling supplies.
CONSUMERS SUPPLY CO.. Dept.300P. 226 W.Superior St, Chicago

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  1. Stannous says: September 22, 200610:42 am

    Probably tannins, some sort of stain/tint, and turpentine.

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