Air-Inflated Gloves Make Boxing a “Gentleman’s Game” (Jul, 1931)

That’s a remarkably progressive group of kids for 1931.

Air-Inflated Gloves Make Boxing a “Gentleman’s Game”
AIR-inflated boxing gloves having many distinct advantages over the old style padded mitt have recently been introduced into the field of amateur pugilism. With the customary padding eliminated, they are much lighter in weight, and thus help to prevent the fighter from tiring easily. As these new gloves are not easily broken, the knuckles cannot be pushed through the leather for practicing any “dirty work.” A blow is distributed over greater area, and hence less shiners and busted noses.

  1. fred says: April 27, 20093:22 am

    Ahhh yes..getting hit below the belt with these was actually enjoyable

  2. AshleyZ says: April 27, 20094:14 am

    Do you know what would be even more gentlemanly? Not punching people in the face.

  3. Chris Radcliff says: April 27, 20092:46 pm

    Note that the instructor is not wearing gloves of his own. So who’s being protected here?

  4. Scott B. says: April 28, 200911:58 am

    I see people of the ’30s had just as much trouble with the proper use of “less” and “fewer” as they do today.

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