Air-Raid Suits Are Made of Fireproof Cloth (May, 1941)

The must-have suit for cross burning.

Air-Raid Suits Are Made of Fireproof Cloth

New York style experts are turning from spring fashions to air raid clothes. The latest creations, shown at the right in light brown and blue, have pointed hoods to protect the face and are made of fire-proofed cloth. For protection against shrapnel fragments, plates of one-quarter-inch thick plastic can be slipped into pockets in the lining to cover the chest, back, and midsection. The plastic plates weigh about fifteen pounds as compared to fifty pounds for an equivalent protection of metal. The suits are loose-fitting and designed for warmth.

  1. Al Bear says: November 4, 20081:35 am

    And when not in a fire, it’s a fabulous Klan Rally ensemble.

  2. Jon says: November 4, 20083:43 am

    The one on the left needs a huge axe to pull off that look.

  3. Mike says: November 4, 20089:38 am

    Al Bear,
    The fire proof suits are to protect the user during those cross burnings.

  4. William Deering says: November 4, 20089:52 am

    This issue was ciculated seven months before any country directly declared war that involved us (USA). New Yorkers must have been wanting to export fashions to go along with the growing defense weapons market.

  5. William Deering says: November 4, 20089:54 am

    Correction: “circulated”.

  6. Scott says: November 4, 200811:38 am

    I fear Leftie’s neck, eyes and hands were hideously disfigured during any firebombings she encountered.

  7. slim says: November 4, 20082:22 pm

    On a serious note, this shows how scared people were. Everyone knew war was coming and no-one knew what the outcome would be.

  8. Torgo says: November 4, 200810:36 pm

    It looks like if Joan Crawford became a Grand Wizard.

    Yes, Slim, people on the East Coast were expecting to be attacked. Most of the listeners who thought the “War of the Worlds” broadcast was real, assumed it was not Martians who were invading, but actually Germans. They thought the reporters on the ground were just ignorant.

  9. Romana says: April 21, 20095:12 pm

    thats it… thats it… just turn the trouser part into a skirt and give her a weapon… go on tobia… WELL DONE TOBIA, you made your first KU KLUX KLAN SUIT! Now lets see you in it! 😀

    the USA were clearly not over the KKK eh?

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