Airplane and Automobile in One (Dec, 1930)

Airplane and Automobile in One
THERE is no telling what aviation may come to. In the future we may see such contraptions as shown above flying about.

  1. Chris Radcliff says: September 9, 20109:53 am

    Still waiting…

    (Yes, I know we’re darn close to having these. Doesn’t count until we see them “romping up and down the highways and airways.”)

  2. Toronto says: September 9, 201010:06 am

    Yeah, and they never *did* integrate them woth the Amphicar.

  3. DrewE says: September 9, 201010:47 am

    Chris Radcliff — we’ve only had them for around sixty years. See the Taylor Aerocar, which is fairly similar to the model shown in the article:


    Unlike some of the more recent attempts at flying cars, this design actually flew–and flew well enough to be FAA certified as a production aircraft, no mean feat–and actually drove itself down the road.

  4. GaryM says: September 9, 201010:48 am

    I’m no engineer (except the “software” type), but that thing doesn’t look aerodynamic at all to me.

  5. Kosher Ham says: September 9, 201011:00 am

    In the late ’20s and early ’30s aerodynamics was not as developed as it would be later. (Compare the DC-3 to the Ford Trimotor.)

  6. Chris Radcliff says: September 9, 201011:04 am

    DrewE: A prototype is nice, and FAA certification is nice (Terrafugia met both of those milestones, if I recall correctly), but that’s still nowhere close to “romping up and down”.

    Until someone with a “duo license” (say, a driver’s license and a light sport pilot license) can buy one and drive it home, I’m still waiting.

  7. Mike says: September 9, 20101:10 pm

    When they come up with the plane/car/boat combo then I will consider everything complete.

  8. John Savard says: September 9, 20102:42 pm

    The device exists if it can get off the ground; that has been achieved. If it is also decided that it is unwise of unsafe to have such things in common use, whether due to terrorism concerns or fuel conservation concerns, that doesn’t mean we lack the technology.

    Anyways, to have a real science-fiction flying car, we need antigravity.

  9. Charlie says: September 9, 20104:46 pm

    Also, it seems like aerodynamics for cars and planes are sort of in opposition. Car designers want the airflow to push the car into the ground so they don’t take off when they are going really fast.
    Yes, this really happens:…

  10. Timmay says: September 9, 20106:07 pm

    The problem with these “aerocars” is they don’t make very good airplanes or cars. Too much has to be be sacrificed to make the other work so what you end up with is a crappy car and a crappy airplane that have been combined into a single vehicle.

  11. Jabberwocky says: September 9, 20108:08 pm

    Probably the closest thing so far: http://www.terrafugia.c…

    They’ll be available in maybe a year… if you have a quarter million to shell out for it, and a pilot’s license.

  12. Stephen says: September 10, 20104:21 am

    It’s probably significant that the ConvAirCar, the best financed attempt to build a convertible car/aircraft, appears in both “The World’s Worst Cars” and “The World’s Worst Aircraft”.

  13. John M. Hanna says: September 11, 201010:48 pm

    Is the guy in picture two scolding the autoplane?

    “Bad autoplane! Bad! You know not to go on the carpet!”

  14. All says: September 15, 201010:29 pm
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