Airplane House (Jan, 1947)

Airplane House at right solved the dwelling shortage for E .H. Kantz of Dallas, Tex. He built it from an old A-10 fuselage, an ancient Cadillac chassis—which he extended 10 feet—and a Ford V-8 engine. It won’t fly, but you ,get the sensation of landing an airplane when you buzz along at 50, he says.

  1. mrchurchill109 says: December 17, 20075:30 am

    It’s kind of amusing (the same thing has been done to a DC-3 fuselage as a camper, and a Boeing Stratoliner as a houseboat!) but I’m not seeing house here…camper yes, but house?

    Motor home must be what was meant…


  2. Mike Brisendine says: December 17, 20076:38 pm

    Many years ago I saw a TV segment about a woman who converted an out of service airliner (wings removed), I think it was a DC9 into a trailer like home. The whole inside was gutted and rebuilt. A bedroom was built in the back and a sunroom in the front. I’m not sure where the living room, bath and kitchen were located. I bet it would make a great weekend cabin.

  3. Alvino Noresio says: July 18, 20091:14 am

    If anyone is curious , the plane bought by Mr Kantz of Dallas , Tex was built by Beech Aviation as an advanced trainer for the Army Air Corps and saw service at Corsicana Field near San Antonio in WWII.

    Heres a link to a picture of one in it’s former glory days.…

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