“Alarmball” Warns of Burglars (Jan, 1933)

“Alarmball” Warns of Burglars

THE “alarmball,” illustrated in accompanying photo, is a clever little device to prevent burglaries. Placed against a door or a window, its own weight pushes the three small legs down and stills a bell, which is controlled by a clock-like arrangement within the walls. The least little movement of door or window upsets device causing the legs to thrust outward, ringing the bell and warning its owner that there’s a burglar on the premises.

  1. John M. Hanna says: August 4, 200811:10 pm

    This thing reminds me of the flying spheres from the “Phantasm” movies. The ones with the knives, drills and flesh burrowing devices. Now that would be a burglar deterent.

  2. Mike says: August 5, 20087:29 pm

    You can’t fool me, that is Sputnik.

  3. Charlene says: August 5, 20089:02 pm

    This would be useful for hotel rooms, but not so much for home, especially if doggie decides he wants to play with the shiny ball!

  4. sporkinum says: August 6, 20088:22 pm

    Hanna, You nailed it.. Right between the eyes! That was exactly my thought.

  5. Michael, N5RLR says: September 17, 20108:21 pm

    Small world…I was thinking of the ball from “Phantasm” as well.

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