Alcohol No Danger to Kidneys (Oct, 1932)

Alcohol No Danger to Kidneys
THE traditional idea that alcohol is bad for the kidneys, the heart and arteries, is exploded by experts of the American Medical Association. If alcohol injures these organs traces of these injuries should be found in the bodies of drunkards at the post-mortem examinations. Instead of this the evidence is that the hearts and kidneys of drunkards are better than the average condition.

  1. Neil Russell says: October 20, 20084:57 pm

    Was the AMA involved in the effort to overturn Prohibition?

    Were any details of these “drunkard” post mortems (and causes of death) ever revealed?

    And wouldn’t it be nicer to say “stew bum” instead?

  2. Richard C says: October 20, 20085:36 pm

    They discussed heart and kidneys, but they omitted the liver. I knew a pathologist who had conducted many post mortems, and he basically said the same thing, at least about the heart and arteries (I don’t recall him saying anything one way or another about kidneys of heavy drinkers).

    But in the same breath, he said the liver of a heavy drinker was usually in obviously bad shape.

    If you drink yourself to a premature death due to cirrhosis, leaving a corpse with nice clean coronary arteries is of limited benefit, no?


  3. Mike says: October 20, 20088:51 pm

    Every medical or scientific report should be followed with the words “… this week”

  4. Repack Rider says: October 21, 20089:34 pm

    Well then.

    I’ll have another.

  5. notbob says: October 22, 20085:51 am

    I’ll drink to that!

  6. Harry says: November 1, 20084:22 pm

    Do you mind if I smoke?

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