All-In-One Kitchen (Jan, 1952)

All-In-One Kitchen combines a refrigerator with a three-burner range, sink, drainboard and storage compartment. Unit is 27-1/2 in. high, 36 in. wide. Made by General Air Conditioning, Los Angeles.

  1. Stannous says: March 1, 200711:32 am

    That’s one TINY watermelon!

    If they could add a TV/DVD player I’d buy one.

  2. The All In One Kitchen : Weird Daily says: March 4, 20078:02 am

    […] I gotta get me one of these. [link] […]

  3. mango says: March 30, 20088:17 pm

    now where can you get something like this today… aside from the weird ones ACME is selling. Trying to outfit a basement apartment efficiently so the rest of the space can be used. : /

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