All-In-One Kitchen (Jan, 1952)

All-In-One Kitchen combines a refrigerator with a three-burner range, sink, drainboard and storage compartment Unit is 27-1/2 in. high, 36 in. wide. Made by General Air Conditioning, Los Angeles.

  1. NikFromNYC says: January 12, 20087:29 pm

    I live in a girl’s dorm (long story…a college slowly took over the building but left existing tenants alone). They’ve all got these exact type of units, only half the width (only 2 burners).

  2. Tim Tracy says: July 18, 20083:56 am

    The model looks as if she’s posing at gunpoint

  3. All-In-One Kitchen. | Old Guv Legends says: May 16, 201411:29 pm

    […] via All-In-One Kitchen | Modern Mechanix. […]

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