All women are equal in this (Oct, 1932)

This is weird ad. Setting aside the blatant sexism, do the writers really think that women sat around green with envy over how many cylinders a rich woman’s car had? Also going unmentioned is the little fact that the rich woman probably had a maid to do the vacuuming.

All women are equal in this

Her car may have twelve more cylinders than yours. Her clothes may be more expensive. Her home may be bigger and its furnishings far more luxurious. But there is one thing, and as far as we know, only one thing in the appointment and equipment of the American home which is the finest that money can buy—yet most economical too. It is the Hoover Electric Cleaner…. Any woman can own it for as little as $4.50 down.

More homes—mansions or cottages—are cleaned by Hoovers than by any other cleaner. …Hoover is the oldest maker of electric cleaners and the largest. More than 3,000,000 Hoovers have been sold. …The Hoover is unique due to its exclusive, patented cleaning principle, Positive Agitation. By virtually shaking the rug, The Hoover dislodges even the most deeply embedded grit so injurious to rugs, and removes it along with all lint, hair, litter and dust. …The Hoover, while hard on dirt, is easy on rugs. It is recommended by leading rug manufacturers for the cleaning and care of floor coverings. … The Hoover is not only more efficient at the start, but is kept efficient by its sturdier construction and by expert Hoover service, to which every Hoover owner is entitled…. The Hoover may be bought on as low a down payment and with as small an outlay per month as the cheapest machine, yet a Hoover brings you many more years of cleaning service. …The Hoover is sold and endorsed by the leading merchants of tlie country. …Welcome the bonded and trustworthy representative of your local Hoover dealer. Ask him for a no-obligation Home Trial of a new Silver Jubilee Hoover. The Hoover Company. Factories: North Canton, Ohio; Hamilton, Ontario.


  1. Hirudinea says: January 9, 20129:48 am

    I bet shes never touched a vacuum cleaner.

  2. Charlene says: January 9, 201212:23 pm

    I bet the model has, but the character she’s pretending to be, the society matron? Probably isn’t fully aware that the electric vacuum cleaner exists, since the maids only use it when she’s out on her daily round of social calls.

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