Alternate Uses for Hot Things (Jul, 1938)

Hair Drier Becomes Sawdust Blower
Upper left-—A small electric hair drier mounted on a box standing beside a jig saw will be found useful for removing sawdust as fast as it forms.

Iron Heats Water
Above—If a curling iron is sterilized with boiling water and carefully washed, it will be found useful as an immersion heater for the sick room. Also, it will prove useful when traveling, as a means of heating water for shaving or washing. Photography fans will find the curling iron valuable for heating a small amount of water when mixing chemicals. One of the advantages of this type of heater in the laboratory is the lack of flame which constitutes a menace when certain chemicals are heated.

Sealing Wax Melted Quickly And Easily With Ordinary Hair Curler
A curling iron at maximum heat will be found suitable for melting sealing wax. If a number of letters are to be sealed, this method will speed up the work and is more convenient than using matches or candles. When finished, the wax left on the iron can be scraped off easily and quickly.

Hair Appliance Speeds Paint Drying
A small electric hair drier can be used to heat a paint drying cabinet as shown in the photograph. The “cabinet” can be nothing more than a cardboard packing box. A hole should be placed in the bottom to permit the air to circulate.

Flatiron Serves As Frying Heat Source
When an electric flatiron is inverted and placed in a holder as shown by the photograph, it becomes a good heater for the frying pan when eggs or meats are to be fried. The support can be made of wood or metal.

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  1. Erica says: April 12, 200810:03 am

    Yah…I’m not using my old curling iron to heat water any time soon. Electrocution freaks me out a bit.

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