Aluminum Attraction (Nov, 1943)

Aluminum Attraction

THE well-filled sweater shown in the picture at right, designed for use with evening dress, is made of a new material— aluminum yarn, colored to resemble gold. Production of this yarn is limited to the small amount necessary for experimental purposes, is expected to remain so until after the war, when it will become available for general civilian use. And if it can make every girl look like this one, we’re certainly in favor of it. Her name is Lorna Deane.

  1. StanFlouride says: September 4, 200811:57 am

    Also great for hats!

  2. William Deering says: September 5, 20086:37 am

    Ah! The freedom days before security gates at airports and other public places.

  3. jayessell says: September 5, 200810:11 am

    Stan… Odd that you should mention tinfoil hats….…

    (Otters, not cats!)

  4. Don says: September 5, 200811:33 am

    How is it that on one side of the Atlantic it’s “aluminum” and on t’other it’s “aluminium”?

  5. jayessell says: September 5, 20083:12 pm

    “Two great nations separated by a common language.”

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