WEARING natty military uniforms and riding standard American-made motor cycles, a group of thirty-three amateur riders, all Los Angeles, Calif., business and professional men, recently won for the United States the International Motor-Cycle Trophy, emblem of world supremacy in acrobatic riding. Organized two years ago under the sponsorship of Victor McLaglen, motion-picture star, these dare-devil amateurs spend their spare time learning new tricks and giving thrilling exhibitions of stunt riding in western cities. Their coveted world title was captured from a team in Mexico City, which previously took it from the police team of London, England.

In addition to the international cup, the Victor McLaglen Motor Corps also holds the world’s record for live weight put on any stock motor cycle. Fourteen men, with a total weight of 2,503 pounds, were pyramided upon one machine, which had not been strengthened in any way except that its standard tires were inflated to 120 pounds pressure. Exhibitions include not only acrobatic riding but also complicated evolutions performed with military precision by the corps’ formation drill team.

  1. Steven Tasche says: July 31, 20086:25 pm

    looking for bookings for this group or more informatin. I watched these guy’s perform about ten years ago in St.Louis Mo. Would also be interested in practicing with a group like this?

    Steven Tasche
    16485 Elk Rd.
    Chanute Ks. 66720

  2. steven tasche says: November 29, 200811:37 pm

    hi steve I plug my name in and I found my name but its not me its you.
    I thought I was the only steve tasche but your out there.
    Love to here form you. I live in sheboygan wisconsin.
    My family’s been in sheboygan since the homeland 1800.
    my e-mail address is [email protected]

    I’am looking forward to your responce.

  3. Dominick Antu says: July 21, 201112:06 pm

    I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade but stuff like this makes it bearable.

  4. John says: July 21, 201112:21 pm

    Dominick Antu » Yeah the “good old days” of the 1930’s where we could all watch Hitler’s rise to power and the start of WW2. All while experiencing the Great Depression. On the bright side, the Three Stooges began their film work and Huey Long was assassinated so the decade wasn’t a total loss.

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