Amazing New Uses Found for Wood (Mar, 1933)

Amazing New Uses Found for Wood
HERE, as suggested by our artist, are unexpected new uses to which the by-products of American timber are now being put. The waste from logging camp and sawmill—in some regions more than half of the wood actually cut—is reclaimed by the magic of chemistry and goes into the manufacture of hundreds of useful articles

  1. Stannous says: February 22, 20077:06 am

    Just about the same time the lumber/paper industry began its spurious attack on hemp, which does all of the above with less damage to the environment for less money and with better quality.

  2. galessa says: February 23, 20074:29 am

    As you may have noticed many of these uses are the production of plastics, like in the case of celluloid billiard balls, rayon fibre, cellulose acetate in safety glass and paints. valuable contextualization info once again. thanx!

  3. galessa says: February 23, 20074:32 am

    As a matter of fact, these uses were not new in 1933, most dating back to XIXth century or early XXth.

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