Amphibian Bicycle Can Travel on Land or Water (Dec, 1932)

Amphibian Bicycle Can Travel on Land or Water

A hybrid among vehicles, an amphibian bicycle that can travel on land or water, was demonstrated by its French inventor at a recent Paris exposition. Its wheels are hollow, bulbous floats that, with the aid of four smaller globes on outriggers, sustain it in the water. All of the floats revolve freely like wheels, resulting in a minimum of drag. When the rider pedals across the water, fins on the rear wheel serve as paddles to drive the machine forward. For a ride on dry land, the outriggers supporting the outer floats may be folded up clear of the ground. Proof that the floats would be sufficiently buoyant to support the rider was given when the inventor navigated his device, without difficulty, across a large swimming pool.

  1. Stannous says: May 24, 20078:46 pm

    I’m skeptical- note that the only image showing him in the water is a drawing…

  2. Kryten007 says: May 25, 200711:01 am

    I like that he’s more dressed up in the water than on land.

  3. abSINthe says: August 18, 20078:50 am

    Stannous I thought the same thing 😀

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