Amphibian? Dirigible? No, Just a Common Automobile (Jul, 1929)

Amphibian? Dirigible? No, Just a Common Automobile

THIS strange looking craft shown above is not meant for service in the air. It is used merely to attract attention—and it does just that. Touring the principal airports of America, this mystery ship, the “mono-dirigible,” was built for Frank Bolger, president of the Associated Aviation Clubs, Inc.

The odd-looking ship is of all-metal construction and because of its weight and bulk could not possibly fly. It is used to advertise air shows and create more wide-spread interest in aviation.

It consists of a metal frame attached to an automobile, as shown in the diagram above. The single wing is on a swivel so that it can be turned parallel with the length of the car in a narrow lane of traffic or going under bridges or viaducts.

  1. jayessell says: March 9, 20118:20 am

    Something like a parade float?

    Not mentioned is the driver’s ability to see to drive.
    Forward visability alone doesn’t seem sufficient.

  2. Hirudinea says: March 9, 20115:31 pm

    Automobile, yes. Common, no!

  3. Scott B. says: March 12, 20117:45 am

    Y’know, I seem to remember seeing the inset photo in Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine several years ago, with a request to readers for more information about that “mystery” craft!

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