AMPLION – The World’s Standard Loud Speaker (Jan, 1924)

AMPLION – The World’s Standard Loud Speaker

A few practical points about Amplion supremacy:

The Amplion requires no power amplifier—no battery. You simply attach it to regular head phone connections.

The diaphragm is made of a special alloy, found to have no equal after years of experiment with all other materials.

The electro-acoustical device is insulated entirely from the horn to eliminate distortion, ring or resonance.

Its Non-vibrating wood horn surpasses all other materials for true tone and clearness.

An Adjustable feature makes the Amplion sound true with any make of receiving set, and ensures faithful reproduction.

The Amplion mechanism is not new—it has not been hurriedly devised to meet the radio boom. Rather, it is a development, for radio purposes, of a loud speaking device used for years by leading Navies of the world.

The Amplion is manufactured by the oldest manufacturer of loud speakers in the world.

The Mahogany horn — the enameled sound conduit—the highly polished nickeled base —the reproducing mechanism— all are of the highest quality. Ask your dealer for a demonstration.

Patentees: ALFRED GRAHAM & CO.

Sole United States Distributors
Menominee, Michigan

Canadian Distributors — 172 King Street W., Toronto

The Supremacy of The Amplion is The Supremacy of Actual Performance

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