An Extra Quart of milk in Pure-Pak… please (Jan, 1950)

An Extra Quart of milk in Pure-Pak… please

. . . EXTRA quarts are easier to buy in Pure-Pak It’s so much easier to carry extra milk when you buy it in Pure-Pak, your personal milk container. There are no deposits and no “dead weight” glass bottles to carry to and from the store. Pure-Pak takes much less refrigerator space too … and when it’s empty, just toss it away!

Pure-Pak is safe. It won’t shatter, if dropped. It’s sanitary. It’s formed, sterilized, filled and sealed in the dairy, all in seconds . . . without the touch of human hands! Ask for your milk in Pure-Pak!

Pure-Pak Council 1200 OAKMAN BLVD. • DETROIT 32, MICH.

SPONSORS: Ex-Cell-O Corp. • Dairypak, Inc. • Fibreboard Products, Inc. • International Paper Co. • Kieckhefer Container Co.

DAIRIES: Get the facts on the operating efficiency and customer satisfaction now offered by Pure-Pak containers in 45 states—write or wire today!

Pure-Pak YOUR PERSONAL MILK CONTAINER is available NOW in hundreds of cities

  1. Don says: December 17, 20093:09 pm

    That’ll never catch on — so WASTEFUL!

  2. Toronto says: December 18, 20091:22 am

    Well, not, that didn’t catch on. A tear-flap on the side?

    Now, of course, we’ve advanced through the “beak” cartons that you unfolded and refolded the cardboard carefully into the “plastic spout with twist-top on a carton” space. Those new ones must drive metropolitan recycling czars NUTS!

  3. Jari says: December 18, 20094:38 pm

    We still have “beak” cartons for milk here in Finland. Some juices have progressed to the twist-top level. They are excellent tinders for sauna oven, though.

  4. hwertz says: December 20, 20097:51 pm

    Oh we have the “cartons here in the states too… although, rather than opening the “front” like in that photo, usually it’d be the left or right “side” you’d open, then fold shut when you’re not actually pouring out any milk. Usually the 1 gallon are plastic jugs, and the smaller ones are cartons.

  5. Don says: December 20, 200910:49 pm

    The quart of half-and-half (half milk/half cream, for those out of the US) that I just bought has this type of carton, but in place of the “lift tab” that’s on this Pure Pack, there’s a twist-off screw lid.

  6. Charlie says: December 21, 20091:21 pm

    I much prefer the ones with the screwtop in the middle like Don is referring too. I think it’s probably considerably more expensive because it’s usually only on higher end products like organic half and half.

    On a related note, has anyone else noticed the ridiculous expiration dates on Horizon organic half and half? That’s the reason I buy it. I just bought one that doesn’t expire until Feb 2010!

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