An Improved Squirrel House (May, 1924)

An Improved Squirrel House

Most children enjoy having pets such as rabbits and squirrels. A house that will accommodate several squirrels, and will permit them to climb a tree without danger of escape, has been found to be a great improvement upon the small wooden houses generally used.

The main house should be about ft. square, with a roof slanting down from the front, and supported on posts 3 ft. high. The front side should face the south; it should be as open as possible, and covered with 1-in. poultry mesh. The house should be located close to a tree, so that a runway, 8 to 10 in. square, can be built from the house to a feeding platform, built around the tree as shown. The runway is built of 1-in. lumber and poultry mesh. The floor of the feeding platform is about 8 or 10 in. wide, made of pine boards and supported by wooden brackets nailed to the tree; a heavy wire frame, covered with 1-in. poultry mesh is used to inclose it. From the feeding platform another runway, also made of poultry mesh, leads up along the tree trunk and over one of the limbs to a small wooden house on the end of the limb.—George L. Furse, Webster Groves, Mo.

  1. GaryM says: December 8, 20114:49 pm

    “Without danger of escape” and “squirrels” don’t belong in the same sentence.

  2. Toronto says: December 8, 201110:25 pm

    Within the last decade or so, some folks have tried to sell “systems” of caged-tracks very similar to these as “cat paths”. “Let your Tom prowl through the trees, safey” was one motto used. (I don’t read Cat Fancy unless trapped in the radiography dept waiting room or something …)

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