An Underground Laboratory for Studying Radium Rays (May, 1930)

An Underground Laboratory for Studying Radium Rays

NEW advances are being made daily in a study of radium rays, cosmic rays, and X-rays. Cancer and other diseases are being treated and the effect of these powerful rays upon various forms of life are being noted. Science is probing deep into the mysteries of ray treatment.

Prof. E. B. Babcock, of the University of California, has constructed for himself a strange laboratory underground in a speculative study of the effects of radium rays.

In a tunnel beneath a portion of San Francisco, a laboratory has been fitted up. Here the rock, Prof. Babcock had previously noted, contained a large amount of radioactive elements. This made it possible to utilize radium to a fuller extent than he could in his laboratory at the University. Everything necessary for study of these elements has been provided in this laboratory.

Prof. Babcock has raised fruit flies in this underground laboratory. The offspring of these flies show marked evolutionary changes due to the larger “dose” of radium rays there made. Other scientists have been attracted to the study of these strange rays upon animal and vegetable life. That there is a close connection between the emanations from radium, X-ray and cosmic forces is held certain.

  1. slim says: November 29, 20113:59 pm

    I wonder how the Professor’s kids turned out. It looks like he’s working in a sewer.

  2. Anton says: November 29, 20118:43 pm

    Slim, The Professor’s kids turned out quite well. They are very bright actually. I’ve been told they even glow in the dark.

  3. Charlie says: November 30, 20117:49 am

    I believe he named them after famous artists.

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