Animal Lending Library (Aug, 1953)

Animal Lending Library

KIDS today get all the breaks. Now they’ve even got a lending library in Sacramento, Calif., where Junior can borrow almost anything from a snake to a skunk (deodorized, natch) for a temporary playmate.

At this novel pet-dispenser, instead of taking home a book of stories about Reddy the Fox or Hoppy the Rabbit, boys and girls can borrow the real thing. Only stipulation is that the kids must be at least seven years old and must guarantee to give the pet first-class care and affection.

The library only stocks “light” reading matter, though. No elephants, for instance.

  1. Al Bear says: August 5, 20089:42 am

    Why the hell would you borrow a skunk? and a 7 year old “guarantee to give the pet first-class care and affection” HA! that’s a good one.

    What happens if the animal bites the kid’s finger off? sue time for the parents.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: August 5, 20081:03 pm

    The only reason to borrow a skunk might be for practical joke. Or, better yet, when the building’s occupants flee, you enter and rob the place.

  3. Mike says: August 5, 20087:41 pm

    AL Bear, this was the 50s and suing everybody for every little problem wasn’t popular. Most people just sucked it up and got on with their lives, or realized it was their own fault.

    I beleive you can remove the scent glands on a skunk, I understand they are a lot like cats as pets.

  4. Wade George says: August 6, 20089:48 pm

    Yes I’ed like to borrow a rabbit, a chicken and “The Joy of Cooking”.

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