Animated Models Tell the Story of Prehistoric Times (May, 1941)

Animated Models Tell the Story of Prehistoric Times

Fifty-seven models of prehistoric beasts, many of them ingeniously animated, occupy a 125-foot-long exhibit built by Lou Bedford, of Hollywood, Calif. Combining his skill, derived from 26 years of experience as creator of special movie effects, with information obtained from leading museums, he molded the lifelike animals from a pliable elastic compound. Air-motivated dinosaurs breathe and snort, and one, operated by motor-driven wires, tosses about a serpent in its jaws, amid scenery in which mud bubbles and geysers spout.
Invisible ultra-violet light and three other lighting systems give dramatic effect to metallic paints used on animals, settings, and cloud backgrounds. Each 12-1/2-foot display represents one of ten prehistoric eras.

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