Aquaplanes Carry TENNIS to Sea (Sep, 1931)

Aquaplanes Carry TENNIS to Sea

IT JUST had to come! With a mile-long waiting line at the public tennis courts of most cities, the devotees of the sport just had to find some place to play; and as a net across the pavement might interfere with traffic to a certain extent there was no place left except the wide-open spaces of lake, river, ocean, or what kind of water have you in your neighborhood?

Aquaplane tennis, which started in the South last winter and rapidly obtained a foothold at the northern resorts during the summer, requires three speed boats, two aquaplanes, four bathing beauties and a lot of water. If the service is rotten you can always go swimming. It’s a great racket even if it is all wet!

  1. Myles says: March 5, 201010:24 am

    Cool, back to the crazyness. 2 beauties right by the boat, one on a smooth deck, two lines and a net to get tangled in, and a propeller – what could go wrong? Where is the ball boy?

  2. Rick Auricchio says: March 5, 20104:50 pm

    We don’t talk about the ball boy after that terrible accident on the first trip out.

  3. Repack Rider says: March 5, 20106:54 pm

    My friends and I are crazy for aquaplane tennis. We get together every Sunday afternoon for a few games, then hit the beach for shrimps on the barbie! It seems like you hear about a new aquaplane tennis club opening every day. Last year our town’s high school aquaplane tennis team went to the state finals!

    Last one in is chum!

  4. Charlene says: March 6, 201010:03 pm

    Why do I think that the boss got one of the staff writers to write an article so he could justify running a picture of scantily-clad women?

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