Aquatic Freaks Rout Summer Heat (Oct, 1933)

Aquatic Freaks Rout Summer Heat

Trick Outboards in Filmland

MOVIE folk are great at cooking up the unusual and extracting the last bit of publicity value from their stunts. And one of the latest of these gags is one which intrigues the mechanically-minded man who is addicted to taking his swimming seriously. Warren Williams, famous Warner Brothers film star, appeared at a California beach recently with the queer craft shown in the photo to the right.

The boat is propelled by an outboard motor (evidently a real amphibion!) and the hull consists of nothing more than an old inner tube of sufficient displacement to support the motor, an improvised seat, and some portion of the swimmer’s weight.

We cannot say whether this is a practicable proposition, as we have been stung on screen publicity gags before; so take your choice. We ourselves won’t bet on it as anything but a press agent’s dream!

Though the contraption might actually propel the swimmer, vibration of the motor and propeller possibly might be unpleasant. Another difficulty would be starting the motor. A companion would have to take care of that, but if the water tourist became stalled some distance from land, he’d be up against a job of hand rowing.


Water Swing Ducks Bathers

THE English may be slow to see the point of a joke but when it comes to rigging up a new thriller for water sports they are off at the crack of the gun.

The photo above shows three London mermaids having a “ducky” time at High-gate Pond on a new device introduced there this season. It consists essentially of a ballasted steel drum on which is mounted a ladder. The trick seems to be to see how high one can climb before the apparatus tips and deposits the aspiring steeple jack into the drink.


Sail Racing Latest Swank

ALWAYS in quest of something new in the way of diversion, the craft of the natives of Equador is seized upon by the ladies of the fashionable Lido Country Club to furnish something different in the way of water sport. The line up is for the inaugural of the Woman’s Surf Sail Regatta at this famous eastern resort. These balsa catamarans were originally used by the natives of Equador for water transportation.

The sail boats simply consist of two light pontoons and the single mainsail. The pontoons are held together by cross pieces. The mast is set in the forward crosspiece.

  1. mrchurchill109 says: August 27, 20076:32 am

    Interesting the sailing craft in the bottom right photo – you could almost look on them as a prehistoric saiboard! The only significant difference would be the shape of the hull…


  2. Blurgle says: August 27, 200710:56 am

    Warren William/Williams (he was known by both names) was a brilliant actor and very well-known in his time. Warner Brothers publicity portrayed him as the amoral rogue he often played on screen, but in reality he was a shy, retiring man who remained faithfully married to his wife until his death and who held numerous patents, including one for an early recreational vehicle.

    Most of his movies came out before the Hays Code cracked down on films showing the bad guy as hero, which may be why he isn’t well-known today. He died in 1948 at the age of 53 of cancer.

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