Archery and Poker Game in One (May, 1931)

Archery and Poker Game in One
POKER and archery are combined in a new game that has a target on which are painted all the cards of the poker deck, as shown in the photo above. Points are scored by shooting five regular arrows into the cards to make four aces, a full house, three of a kind, or whatever your shots draw. The young lady in the photo above, Miss Helen Thompson, wintering at Ormond Beach, Florida, has just shot three aces and a pair of kings—a winning hand.

  1. Don F says: July 25, 20116:47 am

    No threes or twos??


  2. Stephen says: July 25, 20117:38 am

    Poker + archery = pokery.

  3. Mike says: July 25, 201111:50 am

    Armed citizens gambling? This just wont do, we need some kind of law!

  4. Hirudinea says: July 25, 20112:41 pm

    Just don’t bend over near the target or you’ll have one in the Ace hole!

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