ARE YOU FIT TO FLY? (Jan, 1946)

Remember, if you want to be a pilot it’s required that you be in sympathy with the objectives of the United States.

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1. Must I be 18 years old before I can get a private pilot’s license?

2. To get a license, must I pass a test in navigation and meteorology?

3. I’m over 80 years old but healthy, am I eligible for a private pilot’s license?

4. If the doc discovers I’m color blind, will I be refused a license?

5. I’m totally deaf; can I get my “ticket” in spite of my affliction?

6. My eyes need corrective lenses; even if I wear eyeglasses, can I fly?

7. Can any licensed medical doctor give me my CAA medical examination?

8. I have a bad heart; does this disqualify me from a pilot’s license?

9. I never finished school; will this keep me from getting my license?

10. I’m not a United States citizen; can I get a license to fly here?

Answers to questions on page 59

1—NO: The rules were 18 years of age minimum, but have been changed to 17 years for power-plane pilots, 14 years for glider pilots.

2—NO: The test is simpler, containing no problems in navigation, meterology, plane servicing, engine operation, etc.—just the necessary contact flight rules.

3—YES: There is no age limit—only the rule that your health must assure you of no incapacitating breakdown during flight.

4—YES: Color becomes important only in commercial and military flight. Waivers may be obtained under such conditions.

5—NO: The whispered voice must be heard at three feet. Waiver for partial deafness is possible, however; many old time flyers are partially deaf.

6—YES: Glasses are quite permissible. If eyes are . too poor, waiver can be had to restrict your flying appropriately.

7—YES: Any licensed physician can now give you your flight phyiscal.

8—YES: Any disease or weakness that can suddenly incapacitate you while flying will disqualify you from eligibility.

9—NO: As long as you can read and speak English. If you cannot do this, you can still get a license with appropriate operation limitations.

10—YES: As long as you are in sympathy with the objectives of the U.S. and are a trustworthy citizen of a friendly nation which is not under domination of an enemy nation, you are eligible for a U.S. pilot’s license.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: January 26, 20109:26 pm

    My dad had one of those pocket calculators. Totally mechanical. You used a stylus to slide the number-columns up and down, hopping the stylus “over the top” to the adjoining column to handle the carry. (For subtraction, you did the same down at the bottom.)

  2. Firebrand38 says: January 26, 20109:49 pm

    Rick, it sounds like the addiator type and specifically either a Kingson or an Addfeet Junior model.

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