are you SUFFERING from HIDDEN TALENTS? (Mar, 1950)


Do other people’s successes make you feel unimportant? It may be that you’ve never given yourself a chance. Almost everyone has hidden talents which, when fully developed, open up new and challenging opportunities.

Helping men and women bring out the best that’s in them has been the job of I.C.S. for more than 58 years. In every field of industry, you’ll find leaders whose skills were developed through study with I.C.S.

They are the ones who sensed a latent ability within themselves — and who proceeded to do something: about it. While others (equally gifted, perhaps) plodded along in routine jobs, they mastered I.C.S. courses . . . qualified themselves for rich rewards.

You can develop your hidden talents the same way they did. Start today and be ready for tomorrow’s opportunities. Here’s the coupon to mail:


  1. jayessell says: July 2, 20086:39 pm

    Yes! Oh YES!
    Please take them away!

  2. Ngwa Samuel says: October 27, 20108:38 am

    I wish to know about course on journalism and short story writing.
    I have a GCE advanced level in English Literature and French.
    please do get back to me with details if you are offering courses in the above mentioned.

  3. Marciano Maronito G. Piloton says: March 2, 20117:23 am

    I am a graduate of Bachelors in Elementary Education, masters in Public Administration. My papers, seminar paper is concerning rural development in Agriculture. Through trainings and research studies, I have skills in Natural & Organic farming. I made my own brand of organic fertilizers, foliar, feeds, etc.

    But i am not an agriculture graduate.
    Which is best? to study b.s. agriculture, or proceed with ph.d in areas agriculture or extension?

  4. Marciano Maronito G. Piloton says: March 2, 20117:28 am

    Please send your advise regarding my inquiry above, and send to my email: [email protected]

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