Are You The Man? (Feb, 1948)

Are You The Man?

If you are dependable, honest and willing to work to own a large-profit, lifetime business and become financially independent, we invite you to mail the above coupon for full details. We are now enlarging this 17-year-old, nation-wide chain of individually-owned CERTIFIED Service businesses. We’ll establish you in YOUR OWN business and help finance you. You use successful methods of established Duraclean dealers. This is a sound, steady, lifetime business. Dealer gross profits (above materials and labor) are up to $20 for a day’s service on EACH of his service men. Easy to learn . . quickly established.

Revive, Clean and Protect Upholstery and Rugs

Duracleaning restores the natural fibre lubrication of wool and other animal fibers. Resiliency returns to the pile. It rises again. Brilliant colors revive. Results in many instances are almost unbelievable.

Duraclean banishes the need of cleaning upholstery, rugs and carpeting by harsh machine scrubbing and soaking. It eliminates harmful Solvents and strong soaps.

The aerated foam, created by the patented electric Foamovator, cleans by ABSORPTION—not by scrubbing. Dirt, grease and many unsightly spots vanish. Duraclean is recommended nationally by America’s foremost furniture and department stores.

Duraproof Immunizes against moths, beetles

The patent protected Duraproof service not only kills moths and carpet-beetles but is WARRANTED to make fabrics non-eatable to both. The U. S. Government says, “Moths are present in practically every household . . . No section of the country seems free from such infestations.” Damage to household goods and wearing apparel is greater from moths than from fire. Duraproof DEFINITELY PROTECTS rugs, carpets, upholstery, furs, clothing, blankets, piano-felts, auto interiors. Protects against mildew too.

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    still out there, going strong…

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