One of the most curious industries in existence is conducted by a rancher near Comfort, Texas, who breeds armadillos and from their shells and bony tails makes lamp shades and armadillo baskets. Starting with a few of the creatures and a small plot of ground, he now has a ranch that extends over many acres. The thousands of armadillos bred by him furnish a great part of the shells used in the manufacture of ornaments in this country. Since the animals leave their burrows only at night, their capture is limited to the hours after dark. As many as 250 of the shell producing creatures have been taken in a single night.

  1. fluffy says: May 19, 200710:40 am

    That’s just asking for a major leprosy outbreak…

  2. Turulcsirip - Drescher Szilvia says: May 19, 20073:16 pm

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  3. Blurgle says: May 20, 20071:02 am

    Nobody’s even sure if armadillos carried leprosy back then. The first signs of leprosy in ‘dillos were in the 60s. It’s quite possible the disease wasn’t in the population yet.

    Also, did anyone else see that picture and think of a handbag factory?

  4. Githyanki says: May 20, 20076:07 am

    Picnic basket factory 🙂

  5. Jim Dunn says: May 21, 20075:28 am

    The statement “Since the animals leave their burrows only at night” is inaccurate. I’ve seen them in daylight lots of times.

    And hopefully I’m not the only one who saw this and thought of Robert Earl Keen’s “Armadillo Jackal.”

  6. Caya says: May 21, 200711:32 am

    I saw the picture and thought, how clever it was of them to train all of those armadillos to flip over on their back like that, all at once. Then I looked closer, and- oh, they’re *dead*.

  7. Charlie says: May 21, 200711:37 am

    It’s a good thing they’re dead. If they had all been convinced to lie on there back….. well that’s just too much power for one person to have. Can you imagine the havoc one could wreak with an armadillo army?

  8. NikFromNYC says: January 14, 20083:22 pm

    Armadillo? I thought you said “Armored Dildo”. I have to go now, square!

  9. byronmiller says: August 28, 20089:16 pm

    I can not see how anyone could think to do such a thing as make lamps out of them. I think they are far too beautiful for such fate. If you want to see a video of what seems to be a pretty big armadillo from texas there is a page at http://www.zolaenterpri… under news then click armadillo at texas golf club.

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