Artistic Hot Dog Stands Fostered by New Organization (Dec, 1929)

Artistic Hot Dog Stands Fostered by New Organization

DESIGNING and construction of artistic hot dog stands and filling stations is being fostered by the new National Stand Owners’ association of operators of roadside refreshment and motor service stations. Instead of waiting until the highways are further cluttered with temporary, nondescript eyesores, they have set out to dignify and stabilize their business by advocating more attractive and sanitary stations. Prizes of several thousand dollars were offered for the most artistic designs. The first prize for refreshment stand designs went to William H. Frenaye, Jr., of New York. The sales value of this design would be increased if the porch were placed at the end of the building and the counter carried around to permit sales outside of the building. It needs no sign to show that it is a roadside stand.

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