Artist’s Idea of the “City of Tomorrow” (Jun, 1934)

Artist’s Idea of the “City of Tomorrow,” Constructed of Glass in Steel Frames; a Practical Process for This Work Is Being Used in Building a New York Filling Station, Similar to the One Shown in the Foreground; the Glass Walls Lend Themselves to Unusual Lighting Effects

  1. Hirudinea says: October 24, 20124:21 pm

    This reminds me of the movie “The Shape of Things to Come”.

  2. Toronto says: October 26, 20127:44 am

    Just TRY to find a gas station downtown these days!

  3. proscriptus says: November 12, 201211:40 am

    People be driving a lot of Airflows, Phantom Corsairs and Silver Arrows in the future.

  4. Toronto says: November 12, 20123:44 pm

    I’d drive an Airflow today if it got modern gas mileage (and if I had a daily car.)

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