Asbestos Umbrellas for Firemen (Jan, 1933)

Asbestos Umbrellas for Firemen

THE utilization of asbestos umbrellas has helped the “smoke-eaters” of a German provincial city to combat the fire peril. The novel device, illustrated below, is an imitation of the asbestos protective method used during the World war by Allied troops against the terrible effects of liquid fire.

Every brigade member is equipped with one of these umbrellas, which permits closer approach to base of flames.

  1. MM says: April 25, 20094:04 am

    Can someone say Cancer?

  2. Sasha Jensen says: May 11, 201111:55 am

    Asbestos should be banned! Check out http://www.banasbestos…. and…

  3. jayessell says: May 11, 201112:16 pm

    I think the German fire department had their hands full over the
    next few years.

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