Ask your wife if this isn’t so… (Jun, 1935)

What is J.B. doing in that office?

Ask your wife if this isn’t so…


No man in his sane moments really wants to look older than his age. In this competitive world of ours youth gets the breaks. Old age is a handicap at every turn.

Women all know that a dry skin wrinkles easily—and that cold winds dry out the skin, leaving it chapped and brittle. So they avoid alkaline soaps and use creams and bland oils to keep their complexions youthful.

Men who shave with alkaline soap every morning rob their skin of natural oils and invite old age to come right into the bathroom.

Throw away that messy brush and start shaving with Barbasol if you want to keep your skin in the pink of condition.

Barbasol is a latherless cream that gives you the fastest, smoothest, cleanest shave you’ve ever had. It is so soothing and refreshing that many people use it for sunburn, windburn and chapping.

No more ingrown hairs. Barbasol holds the whisker steady to the razor, insuring a clean cut at the base.

And the natural oils in Barbasol keep your face looking young.

That’s why Barbasol is America’s most popular shaving cream.

now 5 for 15c

For only fifteen cents you can now buy 5 of those scalpel-keen Barbasol Blades that make shaving a joy.

They’re going like hot cakes, men. Step up and get yours today.

Shave the Barbasol way.

Soften your whiskers with Barbasol Shaving Cream and mow ’em down with Barbasol Blades. It’s the perfect shaving combination.

Tune in Singin’ Sam—the Barbasol Man —every Friday evening over WOR, New York; WLW, Cincinnati; and WGN,Chicago. (See your newspaper for local time.) For Modern Shaving: No Brush • No Lather • No Rub-In

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