Astrology – Will You Be Lucky in 1932? (Jan, 1932)

Astrology – Will You Be Lucky in 1932?
What do the stars foretell for 1932? Would you like to know? Our special 12-page Astrological Reading gives predictions, month hy month—with exact days, dates and happenings for 1932 based on your sign of the Zodiac. Consult it before making any change in home or business affairs, signing papers, love, marriage, seeking employment, raises in salary, speculation, travel, friends, enemies, health, accidents, lucky rlavs etc. Send exact birthday with $1.00 for reading. Franklin Pub. Co., 800 N.Clark St., Dept.3671. Chicago

  1. Stannous says: July 14, 20068:57 am

    My predictions for 1932-
    you will lose your job
    the drought in the midwest will result in huge dust storms
    your house and or farm will be repossessed by the bank
    the bank will go out of business
    the Democrats will take over the White House and Congress
    The Yankees will win the World Series in 4 games over the Cubs

    I’ll bet even Carnak can’t match that!

  2. Charlie says: July 14, 20069:02 am

    Heh, wait till you see the article I’m going to post soon: Inventions that Licked the depression. Oh, yeah, it’s from 1932.
    Bit of wishful thinking there.

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