At Last Outdoor Sleepers Can Keep Heads Warm (Mar, 1922)

At Last Outdoor Sleepers Can Keep Heads Warm

OUTDOOR sleeping is likely to be more popular with the use of a newly designed electrically heated pad to keep the scalp warm; for—particularly in the damp air and changing temperatures of spring—it is sometimes difficult to sleep comfortably without putting the head under the bedclothes. This, of course, defeats the purpose of sleeping outdoors.

To fill this need, the new electric pad is shaped for the head and designed so that the temperature never rises enough to injure the hair. The connection cord is attached to any electric-light socket.

  1. Paul Carney says: February 28, 20088:55 am

    Now that sounds like a great idea, sleeping out in the cold and “damp,” with your head plugged into an electric-light socket. I’ll have to try THAT!

  2. Stannous says: February 28, 20088:56 am

    The Electric Yamulka!

  3. xritl says: February 28, 20081:36 pm

    Doesn’t sleeping within easy reach of an electrical outlet also defeat the purpose of sleeping outdoors?

  4. Mike Brisendine says: February 28, 20082:59 pm

    The outdoor sleeping craze held such promise. I wonder how popular it was before the invention of this device? Within ten years millions were sleeping outdoors(not by choice)in hobo jungles for the duration of the great depression.

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