atoms aweigh (Apr, 1965)

atoms aweigh

Most extraordinary passenger vessel since Robert Fulton’s Clermont, the N.S. (nuclear ship) Savannah can circle the globe almost 15 times on a single charge of nuclear fuel. This floating demonstration of the peaceful use of atomic energy already is setting new performance records. The Atomic Energy Commission and the Maritime Administration built the Savannah to be the safest ship afloat. Two thousand tons of lead and concrete shield its reactor. A two-foot thick shell of steel and redwood guards the reactor against collision damage.

And pump motors are insulated by special mica tapes (backed by glass cloth) supplied by Budd’s Polychem Division. Polychem developed the tapes for exceptional electrical insulation under extremes of heat and moisture. Tapes and plastics by Polychem build dependability into products ranging from TV to atomic and space applications, and set performance records of their own. To learn more about them, write E. F. Heffernan, VP, Polychem Division, The Budd Company, Newark, Delaware 19711.

In metals, plastics and paper Budd works to make tomorrow … today

The Budd Company

  1. Stephen says: July 16, 20126:00 am

    Savannah was a great technical achievement, but more expensive to run than a comparable oil-fired ship: the size of the reactor compartment compromised the volume available for cargo, and she required a larger and specially skilled crew. She also discharged low-level radioactive waste into the sea, which most freighters don’t.…

  2. Eli Balin says: July 16, 20121:21 pm

    Concerning the ship in the foreground, the Lightship Ambrose:…

  3. Hirudinea says: July 16, 20122:04 pm

    “She (Savannah) also discharged low-level radioactive waste into the sea, which most freighters don’t.”

    Yea, Greenpeace would have loved that!

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