Atoms for Peace (Sep, 1958)

Atoms for Peace

Lockheed, always in the forefront of aeronautic and scientific achievement, now extends its leadership into a significant new field—Nuclear Energy for the World’s Work.

For eight years, Lockheed’s nuclear scientists, physicists and engineers have been working on the development of a nuclear-powered airplane. Now, these scientists are also ready to put the atom to work for industry—with research and process heat reactors, food irradiation facilities and the applications of radioisotopes.

At Dawsonville, Georgia, Lockheed will begin operating the Georgia Nuclear Laboratories later this year. This new installation will provide the largest radiation effects research capability in the United States.

Operated by the Georgia Division Lockheed Aircraft Corporation

  1. latente says: May 6, 20076:40 am

    Sound Like:
    Rape for virginity

  2. jayessell says: May 6, 20072:11 pm

    Saw a fascinating video on the development of a nuclear powered crusie missile (must have predated ICBMs).

    A huge pipline was filled with compressed air to simulate running at supersonic speed.

    The reactor was air cooled with dozens of small tubes passing through it..
    No turbine, it was a ramjet.

    The engine glowed red (the actual color of the redness was used to measure the temperature)

    They never flew one.…

    (Sheesh! Pluto can’t catch a break!)

  3. Valued Sony Customer says: February 6, 20083:40 pm

    This ad inspired me:…

    Thanks for posting such amazing classics!

  4. Peter says: July 12, 20091:32 am

    And now we have “Clean Coal.”

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