Auto Barber Chair Calms Child (Feb, 1930)

Auto Barber Chair Calms Child

THE novel automobile barber chair pictured below is the latest device for keeping children quiet while having their hair trimmed or dressed. This new chair was introduced at the Hairdressing Fair of Fashion at White City in London recently. The model car is rather complete in equipment for the amusement of the child customer. The brake at the right side is used by the barber to lower or raise the chair.

  1. bobby j says: June 27, 20117:15 am

    The hair blower is biggeer than the kid. It looks like some kind of bird.

  2. sharrynuk says: June 27, 20116:19 pm

    I initially read that as “Auto Barber Chair Claims Child”, as if an automated chair had taken his life.

  3. Hirudinea says: June 27, 20119:17 pm

    How many MPG does that chair get?

  4. whoozle whaazle says: September 5, 20114:44 pm


    1 city, 0 highway

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