Auto-Boat Speedy on Land or Sea (Jul, 1931)

Auto-Boat Speedy on Land or Sea

YOU may take your choice and call it a sea-going auto or a road-boat, but whatever it is, the vehicle shown in the photo below performs nicely on land or water, developing 25 miles an hour in the liquid element and 40 per on terra firma.

The land-boat (or sea-auto) was invented by Peter Prell of Union, New Jersey, presumably for the purpose of beating the jam on both tube and ferry while commuting to New York.

  1. -DOUG- says: June 11, 200912:25 am

    Don’t forget to subscribe to the magazine.

    And a rival mag has a land/sea craft of its’ own.…

  2. Torgo says: June 12, 20098:44 pm

    “And now to battle The Joker! Brrrrrmmmmm!”

  3. -DOUG- says: June 13, 20091:26 am

    I think it’d be funnier if you said you were off to see Rohan’s “. . . .broadminded single bit chubby bisexual lady.”

  4. StanFlouride says: June 14, 20099:44 am

    Unable to find his fortune in alternative transportation, Peter would eventually do rather well in the shampoo business.

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