Auto in Movies Offers Tips to Industry (Nov, 1936)

Auto in Movies Offers Tips to Industry

Containing many features which might be considered and possibly-adopted by the automobile industry for incorporation into future models, a streamline car appears in one of the latest motion pictures. Its flowing lines result in a body with low wind resistance without sacrificing eye appeal.

  1. ann. says: September 10, 20084:15 am

    so what movie does this awful art-deco abomination appear in?

  2. Mike says: September 10, 20086:16 am

    Did Hollywood have ideas back then?

  3. nlpnt says: September 12, 20081:12 pm

    Once you “productionized” it by increasing the size of the windows, doors and passenger-space-to-overall-size ratio, adding bumpers and a grille opeining that could actually work in everyday use, you’d have a fairly typical mid-to-late ’30s roadster. Which would be a big improvement.

  4. Anne says: September 15, 20087:47 pm

    Kind of reminds me of a white Batmobile.

  5. teqjack says: September 21, 20081:02 pm

    The car in the photo was for “Thank You, Jeeves”
    with Arthur Treacher. Note though, only the names
    were not changed from the Wodehouse series.

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