Auto Top Makes a Motor Boat (Oct, 1921)

Auto Top Makes a Motor Boat

A KANSAS CITY man, unwilling to give up the joys of boating entirely for the joys of touring, has invented a camp-automobile of which the top is a complete motor boat, engine and all. The boat slides off on rollers and can easily be handled by one man, unlike some other one-man tops. It will carry six persons. Another extraordinary feature of the equipment of the automobile is a hot and cold water supply.

When the tourists make camp on the shores of a lake, they remove the top, turn it upside down, and launch it. It is constructed of reinforced lattice, covered with canvas that has been coated with airplane varnish and asphalt paint. The boat is provided with two seats that were lately shelves, when it was serving as the car top. It is nine feet long, five feet wide, and one foot deep.

If it rains while the top is off, or if the sun is too bright, a canvas tent is pitched where the top would ordinarily be. Inside the car are all the comforts of home. A stove appears and is fastened to the dash. Compressed air forces water from a tank below the driver’s seat to faucets beneath the win- dow sill. When it is time to retire, an upper berth can be made up. There is room for everybody and to spare, whether in the automobile or in its motor boat top.

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  1. Hirudinea says: August 1, 20124:38 pm

    A stove fastens to the dash!? Well I guess that’s one way to get breakfast on your way to work.

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