Automatic Chicken-Plucker (Aug, 1929)

If you want to see a rather disturbing, yet captivating, video that shows how insanely scaled up modern food-animal production has become, watch this clip from the movie Samsara. If you’d like a video with a more vintage feel, check out the amazing “This is Hormel” from the always awesome Prelinger Archives at

Automatic Chicken-Plucker

Application of the principle of the vacuum sweeper lias been applied to this device shown below so that it automatically plucks fowl in a few minutes time. The bird is held against a rotary “grill”, enclosed in a cylinder, through which suction passes as in a sweeper. As the feathers are separated by the air current, they come in contact with a metal plate, equipped with several catchers which pluck the feathers and fine down when rotating.

  1. fluffy says: March 18, 20132:17 pm

    The principle of that machine doesn’t look that much different than the newer manually-operated pluckers that were featured on an episode of Dirty Jobs, although that older machine also looks significantly SAFER than the one that Mike Rowe had dealings with.

  2. Hirudinea says: March 18, 20134:53 pm

    Can this be adapted to depilation?

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