Automatic Fountain Serves Soft Drink (Nov, 1937)

Automatic Fountain Serves Soft Drink

Automatically mixing and serving a carbonated drink, a new soda-fountain dispenser is said to blend its product more accurately than could be done by hand. Within five seconds it delivers a paper cup holding the drink as shown above. A built-in cooling unit and a small but efficient carbonator give the beverage the right amount of chill and “fizz.” Another model of the machine, operated by dropping a coin in the slot, mixes drinks for self-service patrons and has a capacity of 220 drinks before refilling.

  1. roflcopter says: October 25, 20071:06 am

    I liked the “fizz”…

  2. James Daugherty says: June 8, 20099:44 pm

    Have found a double boxed electrical switch and fuse, Has the words Automatic Electric Carbonator Patent date 8-10-08 — 8-22-16. Is an antique,but don’t know much about it. Can You give me any Info? James daugherty

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