Automatic Machine Cuts Ice Into Small Cubes (May, 1938)

Automatic Machine Cuts Ice Into Small Cubes

THIS machine saws a 300-pound piece of ice into standard size ice cubes in about seven minutes. The cake of ice stands on its end on a small elevator. As the sawing progresses, the block of ice is automatically raised about one and one-half inches at a time. The top of the cake is cut off by a horizontal saw to make an ice slab of the correct thickness. This slab then is subjected to the action of two sets of vertical saws, so that the ice is cut lengthwise and crosswise into cubes which then drop into the iceman’s bag, or are carried to storage by a conveyor. The clean “snow” resulting from the cutting can be used for many purposes, and is stored within the cabinet in a box which is easily emptied while the device is operating. The machine is entirely automatic and safe.

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