Automatic Scale Calls Weight (Apr, 1934)

Just what every woman wants: a scale that reads their weight to the entire room.

Automatic Scale Calls Weight

A NEW scale recently placed in operation in this country will tell you your exact weight. The novelty is attracting wide attention. The machine is said to be very popular. The customer merely puts a penny in the slot and then waits for the machine to call off his weight.

Cleverly composed of rugged parts, there are no springs or fine adjustments to get out of order. Another unique feature is that persons who are hard of hearing can amplify the tone, and there is no chance of misinformation, since the machine repeats the weight several times.

It is further reported to be so sensitive that great accuracy is obtained, which makes its day to day drawing appeal much higher. The machine is equipped with a loud speaker.

  1. Don says: November 13, 200711:22 am

    Is that a really short woman or a really tall scale??

  2. Blurgle says: November 13, 200711:31 pm

    It doesn’t just broadcast your weight to the entire room: it also repeats itself “several times” and can be amplified over a “loud speaker”!

    Who built this, Clueless Dorks Inc.?

  3. Oliver says: March 30, 20085:26 pm

    I wonder how it worked? Audo reproduction was strictly solid state.. it must have had every single reasonable fraction of weight, within certain parameters, stored on disc, or possibly magnetic wire… No wonder it was big. Any ideas?

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