Automobile Sleigh Develops Speed of 35 Miles an Hour on Snow Roads (Feb, 1930)

I’m not really clear on how the paddle wheel works. Is it flexible? It seems like it would be very unhappy on ice or concrete if it’s not.

Automobile Sleigh Develops Speed of 35 Miles an Hour on Snow Roads
LESTER COBB, of Norway, Maine, has invented an automobile sleigh which will not mire in ruts or drifts of snow. It drives and operates like an automobile. A paddle arrangement gives it traction. The auto-sleigh is geared for rapid traction and 35 m.p.h, is a comfortable speed with it. It is declared that the deeper the snow the faster the speed of the sleigh.

  1. Davo says: January 20, 20123:29 pm

    Just a small question, Mr. Cobb; How exactly do you get this thing to stop?

  2. Hirudinea says: January 20, 20124:38 pm

    If Mr. Cobb had been smart he would have moved to Canada, changed his name to Bombardier and the Canadian government would have given him enough money to choke a horse.

  3. John says: January 21, 20125:53 am

    I think you’re confusing the supports for the rear sled blade with the paddle wheel which seems to be behind it. My visual interpretation of the wheel is that it is just a normal round wheel with little paddles sticking out the side – which would explain how it works… Like a normal car on solid surfaces, and like a paddle boat (kinda) when the wheel sinks in.

  4. Mike says: January 21, 20125:55 pm

    Davo, when you hit something, you will stop.

  5. Jari says: January 23, 20122:48 pm

    You can also ride it in a barn 🙂


  6. Jari says: January 23, 20122:50 pm

    Oops, the actual text is after the middle of the page….

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