Autos to be Powered BY RADIO (May, 1929)

Autos to be Powered BY RADIO

AUTOMOBILES which will be driven by electric motors receiving their power through centrally located transmitting stations are predicted for the future by G. M. Williams, president of the Marmon Motor Car Company, who predicts that the present type of gasoline driven auto will be obsolete before the twentieth century is over. Automobile engineers are said to be already designing radio-operated cars.

Large generating stations similar to those which are used at present in generating electricity for commercial purposes will be used, the power being transmitted from the central station to the car itself on its specially assigned wave length.

To start his car, the auto owner will simply turn a switch on his dashboard which will automatically tune him in on his individual power wave.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 26, 20121:15 pm

    Like Westinghouse asked Tesla when he presented him with the idea of wireless power transmission, “How do you meter it?”

  2. Toronto says: June 26, 20122:14 pm

    “Our children will enjoy in their homes electrical energy too cheap to meter…”

    That was what Lewis Strauss, then Chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission, said in a 1954 speech. He was apparently talking about controlled fusion, by the way.

  3. Toronto says: June 26, 20122:16 pm

    BTW if you pay attention to “The Avengers” movie, one of the messages is that cheap unlimited power is evil.

    (Unless you’re Stark raving mad.)

  4. Hirudinea says: June 26, 20126:20 pm

    @ Toronto – I was under the impression no one paid attention to “The Avengers” movie. 😉

  5. Toronto says: June 26, 20128:15 pm

    Well, *I* was paying attentions, waiting for Emma Peel to show up.

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