Awesome Handwritten Electricity Ad (Feb, 1938)

I love this ad. Apparently H.C. Lewis is so busy training the masses in electricity that he doesn’t have time for fancy typewriters or “ad men”. Nope, he just writes his ads by hand.

Let me tell you about my Quick Easy Way to train for ELECTRICITY in 12 weeks

If you want a better job – a hob that offers you the opportunity for advancement and a real future, you must prepare yourself to hold it. Electricity offers you your opportunity if you ware between 16 and 40 years of age.

Right here in my big chicago training shops we will giver you a practiced “Learn by Doing” training for your start in this grand fascinating well paid field. My training is not by correspondence or home study – but practical shop training on actual electricity machinery and equipment. You can get my training first then you can pay for it on my “pay after graduation plan”, on easy monthly payments after your training – the first payment will not be due until 60 days after you graduate. You don’t need previous experience or a lot of book learning to take my course.

Mail the coupon today for my free catalog. I’ll also tell you about my plan for part time work to help out with living expenses while training. Also about my employment services after graduation.

H.C. Lewis

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  1. Stannous says: November 20, 20069:22 pm

    Yeah, LOVE IT! Especially the way the lines at the bottom get more and more compressed. He didn’t even write it out in pencil first-

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